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Converting binary to text I got a huge list of numbers how would I narrow down the results if I was looking for a specific code would I have to use a hex editor ? if so what would I input is there a specific way to see the exact text of a binary code thanks.
Searching For codez
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[Build Help] Vauge price range, but semi precise requirements/wants for my build. Help find a place to start.

[Build Help] So I couldn't figure out what I wanted for christmas this year and my parents keep pestering me for ideas, so I said I wanted to build my own computer and they obligied. A little background, I am a 4th year CS major at a decent university. So I do have a good idea of the subject but there are just so many names and all that, it would be hard for me to build a PC on my own.
So I asked for a price range and was told this ( from my dad ), "as with hobbies of all sort you can get 99% of what you want for a reasonable price, but once you want that next one percent the price gets outrageous". So I am searching for a happy medium of what I want, and not getting ridiculous. Maybe what I want is ridiculous, but I am not sure, I have never gotten into building my own pc, only writing some codez.
What I'd like. My dream is to build something liquid cooled (ESP liquid nitro!) and OC'ed, but I know that is probaly a far cry. So as I go on keep in mind I would like to OC and cool this thing, so try and make it so I can expand with replacing major components.
In the end I guess I am looking for a starter, that I can expand on later if I ever come into my own money. As for the price range goes. It is vague, he wants me to get 99% of what I want so I dont get ridiculous. My best guess is he wont go over 2k. So if someone could post me two suggested builds one with a 1k roof anf one with a 2k roof.
To wrap it up. What is the best advice you cant give right now for my position? Is this entire post to vague, what question might there be as to make this a little easier to help me?
TL;DR Loose price range 1-2k, want to OC later, starter build now, want a decent GPU for bitcoin mining and PC games, decent out of box CPU. Your best advice to me also!
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Bitcoin Wallet Stealer [FREE DOWNLOAD] - YouTube

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