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Just got my Sapphire R9 290 (non X) Tri-C - Help me set up a new script in notepad++

I had an XFX 7970 before this, which just had a whole world of problems. I just need help in setting up a new script for this because I have no idea what to put in differently.
Also note: I saw a script on bitcoin forums, FOR scrypt mining. It was in scrypt. He has the same exact GPU as me. Our bios switches were also in the same place (aka "uber mode" for the R9 290). So I opened up the script and it crashed my computer. Not a BSOD, but just a black screen and that was that.
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[XFX 7970s] 1.345 MHash/sec, ~35C, ~450 Watts

Resurrected my old Bitcoin rig for some dedicated LTC mining, FINALLY got it running stable after some serious procrastination studying for finals -__-
GPUs: 2x XFX Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition (FX797GTDFC) flashed with this Gigabyte BIOS -
cgminer config:
Don't listen to anyone who says XFX GPUs are junk; maybe their firmware is, I won't argue that... but using the Gigabyte BIOS above I was able raise my hash rate to ~700 on each card @ 1000/1375 using around 450 watts, vs. ~550 on each card @ 1200/1500 using around 650 watts on the stock firmware!
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I took the plunge - 2x 7970's on their way for potential rig - I have no idea what I'm doing - Help appreciated!

So since this past Spring break, my brother in his all powerful insider knowledge on this strange thing named BitCoins introduced me to this bandwagon. I've since joined in and bought all I could muster with the funds in my bank without ruining myself and have thus far reaped a beautiful profit that my wife deems pleasant. This is, of course, something EXTRAORDINARY. Ahem. So I decided to wager my trust I've earned with her with said investment, and have decided to use a few more funds to build a mini miner. Obviously this won't be the mega tank that you see all over Youtube, Just a simple machine that may have the potential of 1.6GH/s is my hope.
So this is what I've bought so far:
Total thus far after Rebates & Selling Games: ~$1300 USD
Estimated 1.6GH/s with profits beginning in ~85 days (Before crash, of course XD - Now who knows!)
Great thing is if all this goes kaput, I'll at least be able to resell it all! :D
I have a monitor around for initial setup, and all the other obvious peripherals. What I am in need of are some tips or links in setting these 2 guys up. I'm somewhat new to Building a PCI-E Rig, but I'm sure its just as simple as plugging it all in, which I've done countless times before. I know that if I'm on Linux I won't need any dummy plugs for the DVI outputs on the other cards for it to be recognized by the OS. Can it be run purely all on a USB drive? That's one thing I'm a little unsure of.
Mostly my questions consist of:
I don't care much for people bantering about how difficult it is now to mine, or how ineffective this might be, I've read my share about that. I plan on just having this run in the corner of my little apartment for a few months while I go to school/work/walk the dog/etc... I would like tips or any insider info on other fellow 7970'ers on how to maximize my performance with these two cards at my disposal. And of course those who do help me in my time of need and once it's all beautiful and vampiric-sparkly like will get Brownie Points in the afterlife.
Last computer I built was back in 2004 so that I could play Half Life 2. And I was on a budget back then too. So I'm not too savvy with all this new cooling hardware and techniques as I've never had to deal with things that exceeded 4x AGP.
I'll post pictures and videos of all the fun I have with this adventure :D
Thus far I have only received my two 7970's and boy do they look beastly. I've never held a card that manly before.
2nd Update
Everything came in! Goodness it's difficult to do a headless Linux Box! for sake of time, I think I'm just going to buy a cheap sata harddrive.
3rd Update
So here's the final photo of it running with 2xx7970's
I'm still waiting for the riser cables to come in to mount the other 3 cards.
I haven't uploaded the videos of me building it all just yet (btw I sucked at putting it all together XD)
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Help. I have a Dual Link DVI problem. I need 2 ports on one video card. Korean Monitor Madness $180 for 27" IPS 2560 x 1440.

TLDR: Please help me find a video card with 2 DVI-D (Dual Link) ports that is equal to a 7970 or Better. OR Help me find a good converter that will actually perform well.
So I came across what I thought was an AWESOME deal on a 27" IPS Korean monitor. I bought 2. The main function of my PC is for gaming. But I do work on it from time to time. And I like to browse the web between loading screens)
Here it is (Note: I got it for 180. now selling for 200)
The problem is I have a XFX 7970 DD Card. It has 2 DVI ports. But one is DVI-D (Works!!) and one DVI-I (incompatible)
*I tested both monitors on the DVI-D and they work. Great quality, screen wise (No dead pixels by the way. moderate light bleeding)
According to the sellers specs I cannot use a converter. I am not sure if they are referring to passive converter only. In any case I heard Converters suck and crazy expensive.
So far I am thinking I have these options. Please let me know if i am wrong in my assumptions. (I wish I did this before I bought the monitors)
  1. Buy an active converter. Because I wont be using eye infinity on two monitors anyway. But will it even work? And i have read there are lots of problem. Crazy expensive, might as well crossfire with another card. What do you think of converters?
  2. Buy a used 7970 or comparable 7000 series card 80-150ish. Run crossfire with two monitors. Never used cross fire before. Does it just run all the time? Do I have to switch it on or something? I am thinking it would be a pain cause i play MWO and it doesn't allow crossfire. I would have to shut it off all the time. then I wouldnt be able to use the second monitor while gaming. All speculation since I have no idea what I am doing. Plus I am a little scared of used cards due to bitcoin mining.
  3. Buy a new Video Card with two DVI-D ports. I would think for it to be work it it would have to be better or at least equal to my current XFX 7970. Problem is I cannot seem to find a newer AMD card with dual DVI-D. I heard some Nvidia cards have 2 but I have no clue what models are comparable to AMD AND have 2 Dual DVI-D ports. Could really use some suggestions. By the way, I like playing ultra setting when possible (even at the sacrifice of some fps) I play (primarily) MWO, SKYRIM - mods, sleeping dogs, Saits Row 4. I plan to play Star CItizen and Dragon age 3 when it come out. Would really like max settings on Dragon Age 3. I would be okay spending 250-350ish if it was substantial upgrade from a 7970.
  4. Sell the damn 2nd monitor. Keep the shame deep inside. Never speak of this again.
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Building a new computer, is it worth it to leave it on to mine while I'm away?

I'll be building this tonight once all the parts come in, I'd heard a 7970 could do some damage at bitcoin mining and I was curious if it's worth getting into bitcoin mining with this rig or if I'd only be paying for it's power consumption. The plan would be to let it mine while I sleep and work, but it'd be a gaming rig the rest of the time. Any help is appreciated.
Type Item
CPU Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler
Motherboard ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard
Memory Patriot Signature 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Hard Drive Crucial M4 128GB 2.5" Solid State Disk
Video Card XFX Radeon HD 7970 3GB Video Card
Case Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Case
Power Supply OCZ 600W ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply
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[Build Help] my first built PC: bitcoin rig two 7970s with occasional gaming

I'm building mainly a bitcoin mining rig with occasional gaming, and would love your help. I've never built a PC before but look forward to it!
Two 7970s have been purchased for a total of $900 including tax because it was good sale. Now the rest I'd like lots of input to decide upon. I want it to last as long as possible. Am Canadian (in Toronto) and a student. Willing to put additional $600-$1100 max into rest, nothing else bought. The main thing is it will be running 24/7 at max settings, and would shut down mining for occasional gaming.
A very knowledgable technician at TigerDirect gave me a great start but now I need to get more feedback. Looking for advice what to get, from where, and why.
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks
Type Item Price
Video Card XFX Radeon HD 7970 3GB Video Card $407.13 @ TigerDirect
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. $407.13
Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-06-06 09:32 EDT-0400
Run down:
• COOLING? - air or liquid? - liquid is ruled out due to expense, since it's been explained to me it costs ~$600 for the assembly to liquid cool the cards directly. Seems pointless to get CPU cooling for the 1-10% time I'd use it for gaming.
• MOBO? - this is the biggest part want help with. I have no concept how to select between the suggestions Sabertooth Z77 (Intel) or Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 (AMD). My understanding is the bus capacity is 16X for two cards is good just for gaming I'd do, otherwise wouldn't matter for bitcoin. I'm willing to invest an additional $100 above these if the quality of the parts will really last longer, but I don't want needless expense.
• CPU? - i7 ruled out as unnecessary expense, I'd get i5 if Intel. AMD is more power-efficient, but for at least the next 6-12 months I won't care, my rent includes electricity. My understanding is any performance difference of i5 vs. i7 would be A) neglible at 15% improvement, and B) only for video editing which I'd only do a few hours per year max, or never. If I were to get an AMD, an AMD FX 8320 was suggested. It's 3.5 Ghz for $160. Need help choosing between AMD or Intel. OVERCLOCKING - Also note my friend is considering overclocking speed of cards, underclock memory, and overclock the core for me.
• CROSSFIRE - desired. don't know much about.
• POWER SUPPLY? - my understanding is Corsair is a good reliable brand, for a few bucks can get 3 years warrenty for over-the-counter. know there's 4-6 tiers like AX HX TX CX, was planning on getting cheapest CX unless I understand the expense is really justified. i'll stay away from no-name brands, but don't know others. Also dunno exactly about power consumption or margin of error.
• CASE? - a case that fits, so please note the massive size of these cards, consumes 2 slots. Want lots of air cooling to mitigate costs. Aesthically also highly considering a plain white exterior to be painted... but the whole case is lowest priority for now, I want it mining bitcoin soon exposed directly to air for a short while, then can leisurely acquire case.
• MEMORY? - 8 GB was suggested, Kingston, Hyperx 1600Ghz. no clue what matters here.
• HARD DRIVE? - I want SSD, Samsung's 250 GB for $230 was suggested. I can use a spare regular harddrive to begin with to get started, add after.
Have looked at TigerDirect and NewEgg, can also look at NCIX.
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[Build Help] Dual 7970 vs R9 290x need advice

Hello fellows
I got an offer of a friend of mine. He is selling his BitCoin farm and would sell me two 7970s for 230€ each. I can probably get him down to 200€ for each and also he is buying my 7870. I know its hard to say at the moment if its more valuable than a single 290x due to no reviews yet but i actually thing that i will make some pretty good deal there. He will also let me test all 4 of his 7970 so i can choose the best two put of them...please help me make my decision :D
P.S.: my system so far
*Cpu: AMD FX-8320 *GPU: Sapphire HD 7870 *MB: Gigabyte GH990FXA-UD3 Rev. 1.2 *PSU: XFX 650W Bronze 80+ XXX edition *RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 CL9
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For Sale: XFX Radeon R7950 Ghost GPU on cryptothrift

For Sale: XFX Radeon R7950 Ghost GPU on cryptothrift for cryptocoins
Tags: Radeon 7950 290 mining GPU 7970 7990 nvidia r7950 5870
cryptothrift is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and altcoin marketplace and auction site with automated escrow.
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HD Radeon 7970 not overclocking like it should/fps stuck at refresh rate.

I just cashed in on some bitcoin fragments I mined a while ago and got a new XFX 7970 graphics card to put in my desktop (Windows 7.) It works great without overclocking! I can look at AMD Overdrive while I'm playing a game and see it ticking away quietly at %50-%75 activity. But when I try to use Overdrive to overclock it (to play newer games like Tomb Raider,) the games stop, the screen goes white, then crashes to the desktop with the little popup "video driver crashed and was recovered."
The default clocks are 1GHz for the GPU and 1445MHz for the memory, but if I increase either of them by more than ~20MHz, every game I try crashes within ~10 seconds of loading.
A review I read said that this card can max out AMD Overdrive without any issues and still stay cool, but that's not my experience so far. I've reinstalled the driver and the Catalyst Control Center, what else can I try?
On a less serious note, I seem to have a permanent cap on my FPS in games. No game goes above 60FPS on any settings, VSync on or off. I know it won't look good if I go higher, because my refresh rate is 60Hz, but I want to future-proof my setup in case I get a 120Hz TV.
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Litecoin mining farm 10+MK/s 7970, 7950, R9 290, 290x, bitcoin rig, ASIC Gigabyte Windforce R9 280x 22Mh/s GPU Mining Ethereum (7970) MSH - 21 - XFX 7970 Noctua Fan Mod (Part 1) Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled Cgminer running 2x 7970 1MH+ cheap LTC litecoin rig

r/BitcoinMining: The official bitcoin mining forum / subreddit / chat room / place to be! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/BitcoinMining. log in sign up. User account menu. 2 [Help] I want to Fully Utilize my 7970/i7-3820. Close. 2. Posted by. u/Count_Duqu. 6 years ago. Archived [Help] I want to Fully Utilize my 7970/i7-3820. Here ... Please note that most AMD drivers are universal and backwards compatible however they are Operating System specific. Always make sure you choose the appropriate Operating System for your computer, however the latest drivers should be compatible with most GPU for many generations back. ‍For BIOS Updates, please check your product's main page. Bitcoin Performance 7970. zSprawl's zApps October 6, 2014 – 17:56. This is a very specific article meant to target a very small subset of geeks out there. Sure, there are many of us geeks, and a large number have heard of this craze the last few years called Bitcoin. After Bitcoin became popular, like tv news popular, a number of crypto-coin spinoffs have surfaced. I’m not going to go into ... For example, the Radeon R9 7970 video card in the early epochs of Ethereum mining in 2015 showed 27-28MH/s, but its successor RX480 (RX580) after 4 years, only 24-26Mh/s (excluding changes in memory timings). But this was in 2015, and in 2019 everything changed dramatically: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash under Asics, Ethereum is not available for mining with 3Gb memory, most modern miners do ... Home » Bitcoin » Mining Bitcoins in ESXi using an XFX 7970. Mining Bitcoins in ESXi using an XFX 7970 . Published on December 24th, 2013. This is a very specific article meant to target a very small subset of geeks out there. Sure, there are many of us geeks, and a large number have heard of this craze the last few years called Bitcoin. After Bitcoin became popular, like tv news popular, a ...

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Litecoin mining farm 10+MK/s 7970, 7950, R9 290, 290x, bitcoin rig, ASIC

Mining is automatically converted to bitcoin and once a week is deposited into my wallet. I don't have time to monitor and change which pool and coin is most profitable at any given time so I like ... This is just an intro to my bitcoin mining rig, it's a quad 7970 watercooled rig hashing at ~2.6Ghash. Selling this card. Used it for BTC Mining before the difficulty got too hard. Now I've just been using it for gaming until I just recently upgraded to a XFX R9 290, so I don't need this guy ... Two (2) AMD ATI 7970 HD's mining litecoins. This is a clients computer. Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled - Duration: 6:40. joshv06 50,115 views. 6:40. How To Scrypt Mine Litecoin Tutorial - LiteCoin For Beginners - Part 1 - Duration: 15:29. ...